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  1. Wendy Gladstone-Brown (verified owner)

    Since giving your CBD oil for dogs twice a week for the last six months to Hudson. our three year old Labrador Retriever, she has been seizure free. Thank you for providing quality CBD oil for pets.

    CBD For DogsCBD For Dogs

  2. Kevin

    Our black lab is over 10 years old. He didn’t want to go for walks or play much anymore due to painful arthritis in his joints. We started giving him the CBD for Dogs about a month ago and Wow what a difference! He is running all over the place, playing ball, we are amazed at what a difference the CBD has made. We love that he is not in pain anymore and can enjoy his life again! So thankful we found this product!

    CBD For DogsCBD For Dogs

  3. Lisa

    I have been using the CBD Lavender Pain Stick for over a month and it is fantastic! I have suffered with muscle stiffness and joint pain in my left knee for about a year due to weight and a new daily work out schedule. The pain was so bad I thought I needed surgery but found that surgery was not the answer. Once I started using the CBD balm the pain started to lessen immediately. Now I can enjoy my healthier lifestyle and workout everyday, walk, bike without worry of knee pain. I love this product, no surgery, no prescriptions just a wonderful, natural remedy, it works! Thank you BBCF!

    CBD Lavender Balm - 50mgCBD Lavender Balm – 50mg

  4. Candice

    I have PTSD, years of trauma accumulated overtime. This affects me daily. I have flashbacks, I relive certain traumas I experienced almost daily. I also have depression, I’m in a constant struggle to do what is good for me vs. what is easy everyday. Throughout the day I take as needed 3-6 pills for anxiety and PTSD. Then at night … a pill for sleep. Today…… I’ve only had to take my extended release medication. Because this morning I instead took my Vanilla UnWineCBD. All my AS NEEDED anxiety medication have not been needed today. I feel so relaxed and calm. Thank you so much for these Great products!

    Full Spectrum Vanilla Flavored CBD Oil 500mgFull Spectrum Vanilla Flavored CBD Oil 500mg

  5. Juli

    I have suffered from migraines daily for the last 30 years tried every medication my doctor could give me and have even been doing Botox shots the last 3 years every 3 months and the first time I tried the CBD Migraine roll on within 1 minute it took my pain down especially the spasticity from my MS around my temples! I love this product! Also, the pre-rolls helps reduce my body pain and it has such a clean smooth taste! I highly recommend the BlackBird Creek Farms products, they are great!

    Full Spectrum CBD Migraine Relief Roll On 100mgFull Spectrum CBD Migraine Relief Roll On 100mg